Business & Research Resources

Resources to enhance your business planning and market research efforts.  Many of the listed resources are provided for free by various governments and nonprofit organizations.  We include them here to help make it more convenient for our buyers and sellers to have quick access to useful information and resources all in one place.  

Market Research

Observatory of Economic Complexity (OEC)

Here (below) is an example of the visualization generated when you enter the Country as (UAE), and choose "Import".  Click on this visualization and it will bring you to the live and interactive version of that same visualization.  From there, you can change the Country, and you can also change from "Import" to "Export" and vise versa.  You will be on the OEC website, where you will be able to explor their site and find a variety of different types of visualizations, tools, and information to help with different aspects of your research.

What does United Arab Emirates import? (2021)

The Export Potential Map brought to you by the ITC. 

This visualization is an example of the results you will get when you enter the Exporter Country as the United States, and choose the Product as "850980 Electromechanical domestic appliances, n.e.s".  Click on the image of the visualization below and it will take you to the live and interactive version of the visualization.