by Thomas Barto

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Why You Should Sell Your Products Through An Online Marketplace

by Thomas Barto

An Online Marketplace is similar to a Brick n' Mortar Shopping Mall.  They both contain multiple different sellers that are selling products from a variety of different product categories.  Both of them attract more shoppers that want to spend time browsing all of the different vendors and the large variety of different products.  Even if you already have your own brick n' mortar retail shop, and your own website to sell your products online, you can still benefit from also listing your products onto one or more marketplaces.  

If you add your products onto a busy Marketplace, you can reduce your costs and increase your sales.  It can help boost your initial sales, especially if you are a new seller, and reduce the cost of attaining those paying customers.  Busy marketplaces might charge a lot more for using their marketplace, because their marketplace brings large numbers of buyers together.  New marketplaces might charge a lot less, or even offer free services in order to attract new sellers onto their marketplace.  This can be very beneficial as well because the more links you have out there on the internet, that point to your products, the better your search engine ranking will be for those products.  So then, if you find a marketplace that is offering free listings, with no monthly fees or listing fees, you might want to consider creating a presence on that new marketplace in order to boost your SEO.  Keep in mind that some marketplaces make it easy to bulk import your product listings from a current marketplace to the new marketplace.

The best thing you can do, whether you are a new seller, or are already established as a seller, is to give exposure to your products through more than one marketplace.  Make sure that at least one of those marketplaces is established with many current buyers and sellers and regular shopping traffic, and that at least one of the marketplaces is new, or at least offers free product listings and no monthly or startup fees.  They may have a small per transaction commission fee, but that is ok as long as it is small.  This way, you don't pay any money unless you make sales.  This will allow you to get your products exposure online, but with no recurring fees, so you can test the benefits of that marketplace without draining your bank account.  

Get Started Placing Your Products onto Trade Market Global

by Thomas Barto

During our initial Marketplace Launch, we can help new vendors that sign up, by helping them place their first products onto the Trade Market Global Marketplace.  Just send us an email to and include your information, your company information, your desired store name, your company contact information, and we can begin communicating with you to help you get started. Contact us now for current details and availability.