Together We Can Build a Better World, One Trade at a Time!

We're striving to be a helpful global partner.  Trade Market Global would like to contribute to a better quality of life for people all over the world.   Honest and Fair Trade can powerfully contribute to a better standard of living in every country that participates.  Together, we can help rebuild the world economy, one trade at a time.

User / Buyer Membership (Free)

  • Register as a (User / Buyer) and gain access to products and services from Sellers all over the World.  
  • Browse through product listings from Verified Sellers such as, Manufacturers, Distributors, Suppliers, and more.
  • Search for products & services, make offers, and purchase products & services.
  • Click Here to Register as a (User / Buyer) for free now!

Seller / Supplier Membership


We appreciate our vendors and our shoppers.  We want to show our appreciation during our current 2022 launch.  Our Launch may last 3 months, or more.  The exact amount of time it will last has not been determined.  We may end it at any time.  So then, during our 2022 launch, All New Customers will have their initial Set-up Fee and their Monthly Membership Fees waived for the Life of their account!  The only fees we will charge qualifying accounts is a 3% per transaction fee for your sales transactions using our payment processing sytem through TradeMarketGlobal.com, or any voluntary purchases you make for any extra services or products we may offer to members. 

(Please Note, that at some point in the near future, we might charge an initial setup fee (and / or) a monthly fee for new (Seller / Supplier) accounts.) 

The requirements that need to be satisfied for this introductory offer during our 2022 launch are:
  • Register and get approved as a Seller / Supplier
  • Post products or services for sale here on TradeMarketGlobal.com
  • And accept payments for their sales using our payment system provided on TradeMarketGlobal.com
Registering as a (Seller / Supplier) enables your company to list up to 10,000 products!  If you need to list more products, contact us and we can offer you an option for unlimited product listings


Seller / Suppler Membership Benefits

Registering as a (Seller / Supplier) provides you with many benefits, which include, but are not limited to:

  • Can list up to 10,000 products, with the option to list unlimited products (Optional Upgrade)
  • take orders and accept payments from your customer purchases
  • Directly edit all pages with one-click
  • Product Configurators
  • Product Selection tables with filter and sort functions
  • Customers can track orders online, get emails on updates
  • Responsive Design compliant on all browsers
  • Return Material Authorization Process
  • Drag & Drop Page-Builder applications
  • Import / Export syncing with your Excel / CSV flat files
  • Raid5 Backup and Sucuri Antivirus
  • APIs / EDI's / Import Syncing
  •  ... and much more!


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